Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Haiti Mellier 2012

Haiti Mission 2012 - Mellier

In 2012 our team was asked to join another team from an Indiana church led by Doug Ahfeld.  Doug had obtained a grant from UMCOR to build 5 homes.   The homes were to be  built out of a styrofoam block system which is filled with concrete to create the walls.   

See the Homes for Haitians facebook site at:     Homes-for-Haitians facebook

These houses are very strong construction.   They provide good shelter.

Some of the things that I suggest if considering this type of construction are:
      1. be aware that electricity will be required for charging the power tools necessary.   Power drills/screwdrivers  (including ratcheting type) are necessary to imbed the long screws into hard wood framing.
       2. Unless the Haitian workers have experience with this type of construction, plan on an American "boss man" overseer.
      3. Design of the house should avoid using cut partial blocks.   These leave a non-interlocking edge which is weaker and more difficult to work with.
      4. Consult with the Haitians when planning the design.   Haitian needs can be differant than ours.   Two doors, porch, ventilation are some things to consider carefully.

It was good to see Gesner Paul, president of the Haitian Methodist Church.

Doug shows Gesner Paul a house

Bracing the walls is vital.

David and Sharon Zettles